What is The Cellar Room?

It is Our Exclusive Climate Controlled Cellar for Limited Production,
Highly Rated wines for the serious wine enthusiast/collector!

All of our fine and investment-grade wine at WineWise has impeccable provenance. For the most part, our hand picked selection of Italian, Spanish,  French and California wines have been purchased directly from well-established, highly reputable distributors in the wine industry. Our Bordeaux portfolio includes an impressive array of First Growths and Classed Growths (Cru Classe). They are procured from dealers with over thirty years experience in the French fine-wine market who contract purchases from twelve of the  top negociants in Bordeaux, such as Duclot, Maison Sichel, and others. These prestigious negociants purchase directly from chateaux, so there have been no additional owners outside of the mandatory channels of legal wines distribution. There are no better direct methods of secure investment than through WineWise! 

Our knowledgeable staff can discuss provenance of each wine in our premium Cellar Room to address any concerns you may have.

WineWise has created a special fine wine cellar, called “The Cellar Room,” where we take the utmost care in our placement and storage of our finest wines. Distributor warehouses are temperature and humidity-controlled. Our wines are delivered only in cooler months to avoid exposing wines to excessive temperature fluctuations or heat. Our temperature and humidity-controlled cellar is designed with alarms equipped to alert us if there should be any change in atmosphere within the cellar. Wines are protected against light exposure in our dimly lit cellar and experience minimal movement or handling. 

We welcome the opportunity to address any questions or concerns.

Call us at 203.340.2440 or email orders@winewisegreenwich.com